Why I Share My Daily To-Do's

The Spritz Project Anna Forte Blog Why I Share My Daily To-Dos

Hi friends,

If you follow The Spritz Project on Instagram, chances are you noticed that I post my daily to-do’s on my IG Stories. In the morning, I share my tasks for the day. And at the end of the day I share what I’ve managed to accomplish.

I initially came up with idea on a bit of a whim. When @thespritzproject launched, I quickly realized how insanely difficult it can be to post content to your feed. And then posting on Stories adds another level of complexity. After day 2 on Instagram I knew I needed something that would be easy to post consistently and could be aesthetically pleasing. I also wanted something that would add some meaningful value to my followers. If it wasn’t already being done by someone else that would be another huge perk.

One afternoon on my lunch break while I was scrambling to post something to my feed the idea came to me. I was desperate to add something to my Stories, and at the idea checked all of my boxes.

I revealed the idea on my Stories that night as if it was something I was waiting patiently to share. A secret of sorts.

To-do lists are pretty self-explanatory, so it wasn’t like the roll-out required much direction.

Like I mentioned, I post one in the morning and then that same list’s status update at the end of the day. There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t posted my taks. Do I complete everything each day? No, not at all. And that’s ok. I’ve vowed to myself that I will only be 10,000% honest with myself and all of you. It doesn’t serve anyone if I sugarcoat things. There’s such a stigma that there’s this perfect path to follow if you’re going to be a founder. It’s simply not true. I want to be that person that shares my experience with this emotional rollercoaster.

Now, I’ll be brutally honest, I am such a perfectionist at my core. Sharing my to-do list’s where I wasn’t able to get all my tasks accomplished is really hard for me. I get embarrassed and insecure. I become judgemental of my shortcomings and critique myself for failing. I get worried that you all will think I’m less-than because I didn’t live up to my to-do list.

Tell me... is that fair?

No, not in the slightest. I’m not a failure because I didn’t check off every item. It shows that I’m human and I don’t have super powers. And that’s okay.*

In the 3+ weeks I’ve been sharing my daily to-do’s I’ve grown more comfortable sharing times when my reality falls short of my expectations. It’s held me accountable. And it’s allowed me to open up to you in a way that creates a level of commonality. Yes, I’m just another girl trying to turn a dream into a reality. Am I special? No. But can I make an impact? Heck yes!

Until next time!

Anna xo

*I end a lot of sentences with “and that’s okay.” Sometimes it’s because I’m reminding you, but most of the time it’s a way for me to stop being so hard on myself. Some would call it a form of self-love.