The Spritz Project Instagram: A Month In Review

TheSpritzProject Anna Forte Blog Instagram Month in Review

Hi friends,

The Spritz Project has been on Instagram for just under a month at this point. I can happily say it’s been a very solid month. I’ve seen a pretty steady growth across all the KPIs (key performance indicators)* that people tend to care about.

The number of likes and comments I’ve received on posts has exceeded my expectations. But what’s really thrilled me is the quality of engagement as a whole. Yes, people are commenting on posts, and they’re quality comments -- one’s that indicate that they’ve actually read the post before commenting. And a number of these people are repeating commenters!!!

I’ve also been genuinely surprised by the engagement I’ve gotten from posts on Stories. People respond to them, take polls, ask questions!!

And undoubtedly my favorite unexpected surprise is the sheer number of friends I’ve made since it launched. Truly, I’m flattered and I sincerely hope that if you haven’t, that you’ll shoot me a message just to say ‘hey!’

Now, this wouldn’t be a full month in review if I didn’t touch on the whole followers topic... The Spritz Project is doing just fine- as to be expected for such a new account. I’m pleased, but let me be frank: I don’t care about the number. I actually wrote another blog post about my feelings. What started as a well-intentioned paragraph turned into a page-long rant. Check it out here if you want :)

If you have any particular questions about the first month on Instagram, send me a message -- I’m an open book!

Until next time,

Anna xo

*Don’t mind the business-y terms. I went to a business school for undergrad, so acronyms are just part of the lingo.