Recap of Blog Launch Day

Anna Forte The Spritz Project Blog Launch Day Recap.jpg

Hi friends!

The blog launched just over a week ago. Holy goodness!

I wanted to recap the launch for you guys and let you in on how it all unfolded on my end:

About a week before the launch, when the website was more or less complete, I emailed my designer, Megan (@thebusybeebuzz), and asked if it would be possible to go live on the 29th. The number 29 is particularly significant to me and my family, so it felt like the stars aligned when Sunday, the 29th naturally fit my into timeline.

But before I could fathom being in complete and total control of a blog, I had to figure out how on Earth to work one. My ongoing joke is that I’m a terrible millennial - technology is NOT my strength… So I needed a crash course.

Megan and I had an hour long video call to go over some essentials a couple days before the launch. She covered everything I should know and touched on things I didn’t even consider (one of which being that I’d want to set up a MailChimp account prior to the site going live), but that can be a recap for another day.

As we neared Sunday, it became more and more clear that the launch wasn't something that required much effort from me. (Thank goodness!!!) In fact, the launch of the blog itself was actually way more anticlimactic than I expected.

Really the only thing that had to happen was the domain transfer. That takes about an hour or so and once that’s done, the site is live. And again, that didn't require any effort from me.

That all happened the night before the launch when I was at the Luke Bryan concert.

So if we want to get technical, the blog went live on the 28th, not the 29th. But no one aside from myself and Megan knew that.

All the excitement and hype on Sunday was really only generated to create the illusion of a countdown. Anticlimactic. I know. But I'll insist that my role was way more fun. I had the best time scrolling through Pinterest picking out my favorite on-brand pictures, creating Stories with trendy GIFs, and engaging with everyone commenting on my posts and sending me messages!

(Minor side note: I am SO glad I had someone build my website because, truthfully, I probably would have thrown in the towel after realizing how much work Megan put into turning my idea into a reality.)

While the launch was so different from what I expected, it was still, what I'd consider, a success! I received so much outpouring of love and support. The Spritz Project went from being just a presence on Instagram to a vehicle that will help to change the narrative of brand building.

I couldn’t be more excited!

Until next time!

Anna xo