Podcasts for the Girl with Many Interests

Photo credit:  @rachelrouhana

Photo credit: @rachelrouhana


Hi friends!

I’m going to cut right to the chase with this one: in my eyes podcasts are the best things since sliced bread! I listen when driving, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, getting ready in the morning, on breaks at work, working out, running errand, etc., etc., etc… You get the point. I’m almost always listening to podcasts!

And I’m positive that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Actually, I know I’m not the only one… Yup, I went and got a statistic for you: there were roughly 67 million monthly podcast listeners in 2017 and that number is expected to almost double to 132 million by 2022.*

Crazy, I know!!

My next thought was, Anna, what kind of content creator would you be if you didn’t post a list of the podcasts you listen to?!

So naturally, I have a list for you!

Before I dive in, I wanted to note that I broke this down into two lists: one for my Tried and True podcasts, and another for the New and Noteworthy. The Tried and True list includes all of the shows that are and have been my go-to’s for at least 6 months - I listen to these before any others. The New and Noteworthy are still great, but are either new to my podcast library or are the runners-up when compared to the Tried and True podcasts.



Tried and True


The Skinny Confidential

Him & Her

Topics: Beauty, business/branding, wellness, and personal development


The GaryVee Audio


Topics: Business/branding/marketing trends, motivation, and personal development


No Limits

Topics: Interviews with business founders and leaders


How I Built This

Topics: Interviews with business founders and leaders


Put a Ring on It

Tips and tricks for wedding planning*

*No, I’m not engaged - I just really love weddings!

New and Noteworthy


Brand Builder

Topics: Interviews with founders and leaders of packaged food products, leadership advice


Skimm’d from The Couch

Topics: Interviews with business founders and leaders


Business Unusual

Topics: Quick business tips


The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan

Topics: personal development, faith, personal branding


Agents of Compass

Topics: Interviews with Compass real estate agents


Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Topics: Candid conversations with influencers


Ed Mylett Show

Topics: business, personal development, motivation


Charlie Rocket Show

Topics: motivation, personal development


RISE Podcast

Topics: business and conversations with other business owners


The Dropout

Topics: investigation into Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos scandal

There you have it! I tried to put together a list that wasn’t incredibly basic so you can walk away with some prospects. (Don’t you just hate when lists are made up with the same 5-10 shows?! Infuriating, I know.) Hopefully this introduces you to some new potential favorites!

If you didn’t see some of your favorite shows, comment below or DM me on Instagram. I’m always in the market for new podcasts!!

Until next time!

Anna xo