10 inside traits I love about myself


Hi friends,


Here’s a little fun fact about me: I love self-awareness! Maybe it’s because I’ve always been naturally self-aware (aka: I’m good at it), or maybe it’s because I’m a firm believer that it makes a huge difference.

The other day when scrolling aimlessly through Instagram I came across an inspiring not-so-glamorous post. It was a list of 25 things the poster loves about herself scribbled on a legal pad. And it got me thinking, sure it’s not pretty and Instagram-y, but I really think more and more people are longing for that kind of positivity and rawness, something that doesn’t quite fit into molds.


And another point that intrigued me: we spend so much energy crafting resolutions for all the areas in our lives where we fall short. Yes, it’s definitely rooted in betterment, which I love, but it’s so much more important to me to put out a piece of content that makes you think about yourself a little differently. What are those qualities that make you amazing? Big or small, it doesn’t matter!

So here it is: A list of 10 things I love about myself

1.     Incredibly empathetic

2.     Care deeply for people (part of the reason why customer service felt like a natural fit when it came to getting a job)

3.     Truthful (I learned at a young age that I’m a horrendous liar so I just don’t lie anymore)

4.     Deeply self-aware

5.     Confident in the person I am ( for example, I’m not embarrassed saying that even in my early 20s I LOVE being an introvert who doesn’t enjoy drinking/partying/going out)

6.     Going above and beyond for people feels like second nature

7.     Rooted in integrity and authenticity

8.     Not afraid of being vulnerable

9.     Good listener

10. Want to go into to business to make a difference in the way business is done. My motive is 100% pure, not clouded by the need to make tons and tons of money. (More on this in later posts!)

There you have it! I would be honored if you felt comfortable sharing any or all parts of your list! No pressure, though. All I ask if that you give this exercise a try!

Talk soon!