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first things first

Let's break the ice

  • Biggest fear: Birds
  • Where I live: Orange County, CA (But born and raised in a suburb outside Boston)
  • Childhood dream job: Jewelry designer (When I was in the 2nd grade, I made necklaces and sold them to my elementary school teachers. I also made my own business cards!)
  • Guilty pleasure: One too many cups of coffee OR dairy-free ice cream
  • Random fact: I'm that person that adds tasks on her to-do list that I’ve already done
    simply so I can cross them off


I didn't set out to start a blog

Where it all began

The 9AM-5PM work week has never enchanted me.

A few months into my full-time job I set out to start a business. Naively optimistic, I signed up for
an online branding course, got overwhelmed and put business-building on pause.

And now, with The Spritz Project, I’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of my journey to
bringing my lofty idea to life!

What to expect? Diary-style blog posts, oversharing, and 100% realness


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the mission

Why create The Spritz Project?

I love a good story about how creators and entrepreneurs started their empires. What I've noticed is all too frequently they glaze over the core of the building process, jumping from initial idea to success. And let's be honest, the journey is not nearly that simple.

The Spritz Project is here to change that narrative!